Monday, July 30, 2012

Rambling Thought Processes = Me

"Take me home country road, to the place where I belong West Virginia Mountain Mom-A take me home, country road", was blaring in the speakers of the 1997 Toyota Tacoma and I had just gotten back from Mr. and Mrs. Becton's wedding in the United States.  It made me think of just where exactly my "home" was.  I had returned from enjoying time with family and friends and nieces and nephews and now here I was back in Thailand where everything felt just as comfortable as when I left six days before, a weird contrast.  Then for the next week I wasn't sure whether I should believe that my life was the one I left behind in Arkansas a year and a half ago or the life I currently live here in Thailand because both of them seemed like a dream.  Then I came to the conclusion that there is no "real life", it is just "my life" and throughout "my life" I will develop and grow and experience new things whether those things are positive or negative.

I often think of Donnie Ray Crawford III when I think about my development and also many many others.  Donnie Ray affected who I was when I was just a child and continues to have an affect on who I am becoming as my thoughts are constantly surrounding the fact that he won't be here on Earth anymore (a big reason I stopped writing on the blogster).

All things aside I wanted to start up on the ol' blog again.  Honestly I just didn't know where to start.  I was so convinced that there were so many things in the world that were of more importance than sitting down typing on a computer about useless information so I stopped writing.  But then I realized how much I have learned and continue to learn from the stories of others and the goodness of other people (Donnie included) and reasoned to myself that my thoughts are useless to me because they are my own, I can think of them anytime I'd like, but maybe to another, someone I care about, someone I don't even know, my child that is not even born (mom sorry I haven't told you about that), or even myself somewhere down the road, my words and stories will be of some importance or use.

Soooo, whether you like it or not....this is a new start and a fresh beginning to my time in Thailand.  Still have 8 months of my time to give and at least 8 new blogs.  I know already, you are excited, but not everyone has to leave  comments at the bottom of the page saying so!

Go Hogs,



  1. Any chance you discovered Tapatio bottles in the place you wish me not to refer to as "the Midwest"?

    Also, glad you had a blast at the wedding!

  2. Luke,
    Glad to see a new post. I love you.

  3. Waiting on the 8 more blog posts you have to go...