Monday, February 21, 2011

The Knowing

It has been a few weeks…

Quite frankly I have nothing really new to update the ol’ blog with.  Since my journal writing skills are sub-par I figured I better write something on the blog so I will at least have some memory of the events that have occurred over the past couple of weeks written down somewhere. 

We had the chance to do some teaching in the schools over the past couple weeks.  I taught with my Peace Corps friend and colleague named Carl.  Carl is an amazingly positive and fantastic human being.  He just turned 70 while here in Thailand; just awesome!  We taught 10 days at a local school teaching 5th grade.  The children and our Thai co-teacher were absolutely incredible.  We were treated to desserts and assorted beverages before teaching and after teaching we were given, on separate dates, the following:  Pad Thai, Pizza (Thai Style), Fried Rice, Ma Muang, Pad See Ew, Fried Chicken and other assorted dishes, it was ridiculous.  After all of this, the nine days of teaching, the students made us cards for our departure. Carl and I each received 34 cards and probably just as many hugs from the students (I would share some tidbits but I have no clue what the cards say, for all I know they could say some terrible things but the covers seemed nice so I doubt it J).  We later received specialized portraits, drawn by the students to take with us on our travels.  Once again, Thais are ridiculously generous people.  

The potential of stomach issues has finally turned into a reality.  After weeks of bragging and “knocking on wood” after telling everyone how healthy I am, my luck has run out.  I have had my first bout with the “tong-sia” and it has been quite a large one.  I have found that it is very hard to be sick in Thailand not only because it is 100 degrees and humid but also because everyone wants to help.  You may think this is a good thing. The fact of the matter is when the last thing you want is another fried meal with rice and your neighbors bring in fried fish and rice paste it makes you want to vomit even more.  It does not show a very positive light on your manners when they offer and immediately thereafter you give a nice dry heave to show your appreciation! 

Anyway, my host mother was very helpful aside from waking me up every hour on the hour to show her friends and family how terrible I looked and felt.  Everyone is curious to see the foreigner in “it’s” bed; I only kid, the people are lovely but they do love seeing what you are up to all the time!  I probably had at least 5 people come check on me in a day, all five of them asking me something in Thai that I could not comprehend and most likely had to do with eating something (No clue who any of them were, they definitely do not live in my house).

I will find out where I will be living for the next two years next week and I will be headed there for a week long visit.  I am really excited and equally nervous.  It seems like training has become routine and family has become comfortable and now it is time to pack up and do everything all over again.  I suppose it is all a part of the adventure of which I signed up for, I must oblige. 

Side Note:  I am headed to Issan!  I will be spending my two years in Kud Chum, Yasothorn Thailand!

Sooo…A month and a couple of weeks into this gig, the pressure and the thoughts of home have built up a little more.  I have missed my mother’s, my brother’s, my other brother’s, my grandfathers, my cousin’s and my nephew’s respective birthdays for the first time in my life which is not fun.  For this I would like to say an ostentatious “Happy Birthday!” to all who celebrated in my absence this month.

I also gathered news soon after my last post on this thing that my family received some somewhat negative news (depending on one’s outlook see regarding the status of my sister-in-law’s migraines.  I am not sure the extent to which they would like me to post about the situation but I believe that my sister-in-law and my brother are remarkable people.  My brother has been an inspiration to me since we were little and my sister-in-law has made a great positive impact on my life as well (one smile and/or belly laugh and you are infected!). With the support of our respective families and of course the power of prayer, I have the utmost faith and confidence that she will get through everything safely and without complication.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they will consistently and constantly be in mine.  

Thank you and until next time,