Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Is This The Cheesiest?

Macaroni and Cheeses
New Years'
Picture Frames
Family Portraits
Beef Jerkeys
Draft Beers
Kentucky Bourbons
Sweet Belts
And other things and stuff with lots of many more things......

Just some of the things (and stuff) I was able to experience/have over the holidays thanks to the many people, family and friends, that have supported me throughout this last year.  Sometimes it is great to bask in that fact and that no matter where I go or what I do, the people I have met throughout the times have stuck with me this long.

I want to wish everyone whom I know and love a very belated yet Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with good health, good memories and great times for this sweet macaroni and cheesy New Year (at least mine will be thanks to a couple of great friends Belchheimer and Abernasty).

So I was able to live it up for a couple of weeks thanks in large part to three friends from the states: Smith, Belch and Way.  I would be lying if I said I didn't wish those guys were hanging out here with me now.  It has been quite an adjustment trying to get back to being the only native English speaking bro around these parts.

Smith came solo and was able to get to my village before heading to the beach.  I think being in the village with all of the new things and my small animal infested habitat was a challenge at first but after re-cooperating from the flight and getting some rest Smith eventually came around and we had a fantastic time at the beach with some snorkeling, deep sea fishing and some elephant riding.  Smith has been a great friend for a long time now and I deeply appreciated his efforts to make it to Thailand and work through some early challenges to pull through and have a great time.  Thanks Smith!

As for Way and Belch, I am not sure exactly what we did.  We hung out a lot, I am pretty sure that is what we are all best at.  We had Christmas on the beach and they brought presents of cheesy goodness, sorries, beef jerkies and the list goes on (I have to thank Becton, Pat, Joe, Mom, Dad, Belcher, Way and Smith for all the great gifts).  When I first left I didn't think I would have anything to converse about after a year or two without my good buddies but the fact that we did not miss a beat really made me happy.  It felt like we had just left a football game and went to Powerhouse for some gator.  Can't say we did a whole lot of touristy Thailand things but I can say that they allowed me to be a bro and that was a great Christmas gift in itself, even if they didn't know.  So I want to say thank you Belcher and Way for coming to visit me and SORRY (inside jokes and stuff)!

And me...Well now it is back to real life (or kind of).  I am back in Yasothorn eating some of my favorites:  Fermented fish, sticky rice and papaya salad.  I tried my first run at raw fish here in the village and it was pretty good stuff.  I have been pretty impressed with my raw meat eating abilities after just one year of being here hopefully I won't regret that later in life when the intestinal parasites continue to eat away at my insides (jokes).  First day of teaching since pretty much the end of November was today and I had a good one.  I also cleaned up the house and washed some clothes (washing machine still broke so I am going by hand style these days) which made me feel better about getting back in the groove.

All in all, I can't complain.  Great friends, great times and great country.

Keep on keepin on,


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